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Our Friends from Animal Watch Stop By!

Anneka from Animal Watch interviews Vicki Spencer the owner of Southern Breeze Kennels, the creator of the American Blue Bay Shepherd breed.

Woman Struggled to Find the Perfect Dog, so She Created Her Own Rare Breed

The founder of a new dog breed that is in development told Newsweek how and why she created the standout dogs.

An attempt to create a dog with the silhouette of a wolf and the trainability and happy temperament of a domestic dog, the Blue Bay shepherd is the brainchild of Vicki Spencer.

Spencer started developing the breed in 2011, when the first litter of American Blue Bay shepherds was born. However, the process began around 1994, when she started working with wolfdogs that would serve as the foundation animals for the new breed.....

Woman invents her own breed after struggling to find perfect pet

An inspired woman has invented her own breed after spending years struggling to find the perfect pet.

The idea came from Vicki Spencer, from Florida, who is a huge animal lover and first started developing the breed in 2011 when the first American Blue Bay shepherds were born. She then wanted to merge German shepherds to bring wolf-like traits while retaining the dog's infectious nature...

Everything About Blue Bay Shepherd the Trending Breed – Temperament, Cost, Physique & Sale

Do you think just Husky dogs resemble wolves and are only cuter and photogenic larger dogs? Well, you need to think again and have a look at Blue Bay Shepherd dogs.

Blue Bay Shepherd is one of the rare breeds of dog that’s yet under development.

It is created by a Floridan breeder in an attempt to obtain a dog with a lupin (wolf-like) appearance and dog-like temperament (calm, intelligent, and sociable).


Have you ever heard of the Blue Bay Shepherd? Well, you’re in for a treat. This handsome blue wolf German Shepherd-type dog is a stunning breed that has recently made an appearance in the dog world.

Curious to learn about the Blue Bay Shepherd? Read on to be delighted by this new dog you didn’t know you were going to fall in love with!

The Blue Bay Shepherd:

The American Blue Bay Shepherd is an extraordinary new wolfdog breed. It is a mix of the very rare old-world Blue German Shepherd dog and the equally rare blue wolfdog. It retains a distinctive wolfish appearance but thrives as an active companion animal.  

Unlike other wolfdogs, the American Blue Bay Shepherd seems neither overly timid nor aggressive. Although they are a breed-in-progress, and there is some variation in their temperaments.